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Neograft Charlotte

Charlotte North Carolina hair loss clients can restore their lost and thinning hair with 4th generation  Neograft Charlotte North CarolinaNeograft hair restoration procedure.  This Advanced version of Neograft allows our experienced Charlotte hair restoration team to restore the largest areas of hair loss affordably and safely without the side effects associated with standard Neograft.  The new procedure is more effective and allows hair loss clients to return to normal activity faster.

Get Your Confidence Back with Neograft

Neograft Charlotte has combined the newest Neograft device with Follicular Unit grafts to produce the most natural results for restoring hair lines and filling in large areas of hair loss.  Standard Neograft is limited in the amount of hair that it can transplant and the results are not always naturally dense.

Our experienced hair restoration team developed the exclusive use of naturally occurring Follicular Unit grafts with the Neograft device.  Our hair transplant technicians specialize in these advanced techniques and perform Neograft hair transplantation full-time.

Neograft Charlotte costs:

 Neograft Charlotte North Carolina


This hair loss pattern would need 1800 to 2200 Follicular Unit grafts to achieve density and a natural hair line.  The cost per graft for this procedure would be 3.99



Neograft Charlotte North Carolina


This is a typical crown baldness that men suffer from, we would use 1500 Follicular Unit grafts to fill in this bald spot.  This would cost 4.25 per graft for Neograft hair restoration.


Neograft Charlotte North Carolina

Real Follicular Units

The secret to our successful Neograft hair transplants is the use of Follicular Unit grafts and the precise placement of these grafts by our experienced hair transplant technicians.  Standard Neograft uses only 1 and 2 haired grafts which results in a thin unnatural appearance.



Neograft Charlotte Facts:

  • Most of our hair loss clients do not have to shave their heads prior to our Neograft procedure.
  • Our Neograft clients can shampoo their head the morning after their procedure, speeding up the healing process.
  • Our procedures heal and grow faster.



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