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We have the most comprehensive directory of qualified and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the U.S who perform state of the art FUE hair restoration with the Neograft device.  Contact us to find a Neograft Doctor near you.

 Should you travel for Neograft Hair Restoration

Be informed about undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure like Neograft hair restoration from an out-of-state doctor.  Common concerns and questions regarding traveling to see a Neograft doctor.  With the overwhelming approval and acceptance by  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons it would be hard not to find a hair restoration clinic using Neograft Technology within 2 hours of where you live.  If you do need travel to have your hair loss treated with Neograft Technology most doctors offer travel incentives and hotel options.

The best way to ensure that you avoid medical and financial concerns when undergoing a Neograft procedure is to stay local.  The good news is that there are many Neograft locations throughout the United States.  When researching a Hair Transplant doctor, look for the following characteristics:

  • They only use real follicular units.
  • They use the same team of technicians on every procedure.
  • They are personally involved in the Neograft Surgery.

If you must travel to a Neograft doctor find a location within your state, and if you must travel out-of-state, find a doctor that is within driving distance.  When considering traveling to a Neograft doctor ask them about the concerns listed above.

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