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Neograft Technology is the preferred method of FUE

Neograft Hair Restoration allows doctors and Neograft Doctorssurgeons to transplant healthy hair follicles from the safe donor area to the thin and bald areas of the scalp without the normal complications associated with hair transplant surgery.

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Our Neograft doctors work with the most experienced hair transplant technicians in the hair restoration profession.  These technician understand the importance of follicular unit surgical techniques in conjuction with the Neograft Technology.

Getting the Best Results with Advanced Neograft

While Neograft is the most efficient and effective method for performing a FUE hair restoration procedure, the extraction process is only a small part of the total process.  The key to the best Neograft results evolves around creating recipient sites and inserting the follicular unit grafts in the proper location and at the proper depth.  This can only be accomplished if the Neograft hair restoration team has performed thousands of procedures.

Advanced Neograft Hair Transplantation allows our experienced hair restoration doctors and technicians to transplant over 2500 grafts in a single session with better growth rates and faster healing than standard Neograft and traditional strip hair restoration procedures.


A Better Neograft Procedure

Our Neograft Doctors have enhanced the standard Neograft hair transplant procedure by using Follicular Unit grafts.  Follicular Unit hair restoration produces the most naturally dense appearance of any hair transplant procedure.  This new hair transplant technique combines the best of both FUE and the proven Follicular Unit hair transplant procedure to give hair loss clients the ultimate hair restoration procedure at an affordable cost.

Choosing the Best Neograft Hair Restoration Team

The Neograft device has improved the FUE hair restoration procedure allowing for greater efficiency and reduced costs compared to ARTAS and Manual FUE hair transplantation.  Our recommended Neograft Doctors understand the importance of utilizing the naturally occuring follicular unit grafts that are present in the ” safe donor ” area.  The majority of Neograft doctors trust hair transplant technicians to perform the Neograft procedure, our Neograft Doctors are involved from start to finish during you hair restoration procedure.  Our hair restoration results show the importance of utilizing the naturally occuring follicular unit grafts during Neograft hair transplant surgery.


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